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Online marketing is the single most important thing you do to attract customers to your business.  The customers who don’t already know you exist that is.  I can help you with the management of a variety of tools we use in online marketing.  Not every single one is the best approach.  Sometimes it is a mix.  We will figure out what’s best for you!

PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising is attracting clicks off of Google using AdWords.  This can often be confusing to the average business owner whose focus is on what they do best vs the nitty-gritty of online advertising.  

Content Creation

Did you know that Google LOVES websites that contain a lot of content?  I get to know you and your business and write content to fill up your website by pulling in competitive keywords that sound organic.  When Google crawls your website, it will pull the organic keywords ranking your website on the 1st page of Google

social Media managment

Does your business have Instagram?  How about Facebook?  Maybe you use Twitter or Pinterest?  There are so many social media platforms these days.  If you choose to have 3 Seed Online Marketing manage your Social Media we will make sure you have profiles on the best platforms for your business and make sure the content is keeping your audience interacting and buying your products/services.


Search Engine Optimization is researching competitive keywords that relate to what your business does and working them organically in content and in the background of your website.  To learn more-

Affiliate Management

Do you do business with a bunch of name brands?  Or maybe you are a larger business with affiliates under you.  We can help manage your affiliate businesses to work for you.  Ask how this works!

Email Marketing

Do you collect your customers emails?  This is a great way to target your customers because they are telling you, yes they want to hear from you!  We can manage your e-mail marketing campaigns.


Do you have a logo?  Company colors?  Tag line or slogan?  All of these are part of your branding for your business.  If you have one but not the others we will work with you to create a streamlined, cohesive look that your customers will recognize anytime they see your logos or your colors!

website design

We here at 3 Seed Online Marketing MN can absolutely do just your marketing.  However, some existing websites are not on SEO friendly platforms.  So, if your website was built on Yolo, Weebly, Wix, Godaddy, etc, then we will highly suggest having us build you a new website on wordpress.  This is often a lot less expensive as well!

user experience

We want all of your website users to have an enjoyable experience on your site.  Fast loading, easy to read, answers their questions, so they are on the phone with you first thing to gain your products or services.

app design

Coming Soon.

creative & design

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How do we put a strategy together?

social Media strategy

First, we find out what you do and don’t have.  We research what Social Media platforms are best for your business.  How often we should be posting, what kind of content, etc.

platform strategy

Platform could be which social media platforms, what kind of platform your website should focus on and how we are going to get you what you need in terms of sales.

digital audit

We can perform a digital audit on your current website to see what is and isn’t working.  Maybe you aren’t utilizing any keywords, maybe Google doesn’t currently trust your website or give it any authority.  Maybe you don’t have enough backlinks or citations.  If you would like this done on your website, just ask!

market research

In order to set your site up with the proper SEO, I will first research you compared to your competitors.  I will find out what the highly competitive keywords are that are under utilized so there is room for you to use them and soar to the first page of Google.  This works as well for utilizing keyword in product and service descriptions.

data insights

I can provide you with insights on your website each month to see how it is progressing, though you will be seeing an increase in your sales!